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These amazing, profound and inspirational quotes from B2B Ignite will add spark to your content marketing

Quotes on marketing strategy

Rory Sutherland speaking at Ignite 2019

We should quantify marketing to inform what we do – not to decide what we do

B2B marketing is more important than B2C. It's what drives the economy forwards, not just outwards

"I worry that B2B marketing is becoming a glorified arm of the sales team... too focused on short-term outcomes... obsessed with statistics the finance people can understand. That's not where the value is"

Quotes on selling to B2B customers

Tamara McCleary, CEO,

In B2B, people don’t buy for pleasure. They buy to alleviate pain. Alleviating pain brings them pleasure

Buyers buy in rational groups, made up of irrational people

We think customers buy based on price, features and functions. In reality it's emotions, cognitive biases, and engagement experience. We need to use the latter first

Don’t be the slave of sales, be the champion of customers. Shift from product and features to people and stories. From lead generation to brand generation

The difference between epic and epic failure is customer experience

Quotes on leadership in B2B marketing

You don't have to be a market leader to be a thought leader

You don't have to be a market leader to be a thought leader

The number one job of leaders is to create new leaders

Quotes on working in B2B marketing

Sakina Najmi, VP MArketing, Sandvik

Testing and experimentation culture really works when you’re doing something new and big. then if it works scale it

f we’re not smiling and having fun while we’re doing it, it’s a long day in the office isn’t it?

We, as an industry, are the worst completer finishers in the world. Until you deliver a campaign, a programme or event, you might as well not have got out of bed to start it. Work that’s 99% complete adds no value to your company

Quotes on account-based marketing (ABM)

Andy Bacon speaking at B2B Ignite 2019

ABM is a bit like teenage sex. Everyone is talking about it and no one is doing it

Technology is not the account-based marketing silver bullet. Do not rely on it to choose your accounts

One of the problems with ABM is that it has ‘marketing’ in the title. True ABM is the strength and alignment between sales and marketing

Quotes on marketing technology

Jeremy Bloom, CEO, Integrate

Tech has had a huge impact on our lives in the past 10 years, but with customer acquisition, fragmentation has only gotten bigger. We got drunk on martech and very few platforms speak to each other

Quotes on content marketing

Doug Kessler, creative director, Velocity Partners

Two reasons we fail to do something different: we try and we fail, or we don't even go for it. Most marketers are giving up before they even get to the fight

If content is king, then context is queen... and engagement is the kingdom

If you want to be known for everything, you’ll be known for nothing

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