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Everybody’s got to eat, but as a nation, we’ve taken our love affair with food to a whole new level. Specialty foods are an

$88 billion industry

, and there are several shows on the Food Network devoted to cakes alone.

Food-related gifts make the perfect presents for your clients, employees, and business connections, but you don’t want to send them a generic fruit basket that’s destined for the garbage. The best gifts are practical luxuries that the recipients would never splurge on themselves.

A high-quality gift, such as an engraved set of Cutco cutlery, keeps you top of mind while showing that you put a lot of thought into the gift. Here are nine unique foodie gifts that will work for almost anyone on your list:


Cutco Santoku Chef Knife


As the “Rolex of cutlery,” this knife slices and dices in style. Cutco knives are American-made and come with the company’s Forever Guarantee. Cutco will take care of sharpening and repairing the knife


— even if your client’s granddaughter inherits it. Now that’s an impressive cost per impression.




Everyone drools over this professional-grade blender, but many people won’t fork over the money for one of their own. The power is unparalleled; it will blend everything from morning smoothies to evening margaritas without wearing out. 


Colonel Littleton Can Caddies

These handcrafted leather beverage holders are Koozies with class. And when they’re embossed with your clients’ initials, they offer a highbrow way to keep a craft beer cool. I like these because they’re fun and practical, but almost no one thinks to make the investment themselves.


Whiskey Wedge

If you thought the craft beer movement was gaining steam, it’s nothing compared to the craft whiskey and bourbon movement. And any connoisseur will tell you that the most annoying problem is fast-melting ice that waters down the spirit. The Whiskey Wedge is an awesome tool that solves that problem and looks good doing it.



Wine enthusiasts will love the Corkcicle.ONE. The icicle-shaped insert cools reds, keeps whites chilled, and aerates the wine as it pours. It’s the all-around perfect gift for wine drinkers that will make them look smart in front of all their New Year’s Eve guests.


Code38 Professional

Wine Knife

It doesn’t matter whether your client drinks $1,000 bottles of wine or the Trader Joe’s special. This wine-opening tool is handmade in Australia and used in the finest restaurants around the world. It’s not just any old corkscrew, though; this gift is a splurge.


Boconi Leather “Hendrix” Wine Tote

Yeah, sure, the brown paper bag from the liquor store is a classic. But if your client is the refined lady or gentleman who likes to take wine on the go, this double-bottle wine tote is perfect. The sleek bag is even insulated to protect wines and maintain the right temperature. 


Bottle Breacher

This super-strong bottle opener is handcrafted by active-duty military members and veterans using only green materials. Made from a 50-caliber shell and available with the option of custom engraving, it’s the very definition of unique.



Utopian Coffee Pack With French Press

Send your client some of the finest hand-roasted coffee in the world this year. The kit also comes with a Bodum French press, which means even after the coffee runs out, your client will think of you every morning when he pours his first cup of coffee.

If you’re running a little behind on your holiday shopping, wait until last-minute inspiration strikes. (No, seriously!) As long as it’s a client or supplier — someone whose feelings won’t be hurt by the delay — it’s better to choose something extraordinary and deliver it with a heartfelt thank-you card. A gift in January will stand out, and you can take the opportunity to express your excitement for the year ahead. 

This is no time to be a Scrooge! A luxury food-related gift is creative and thoughtful, and it’s something your client can actually


. Go the extra mile to personalize the gift, and every time the recipient uses it, you’ll be top of mind.

John Ruhlin

 is the founder and CEO of the 

Ruhlin Group

, a firm that specializes in high-level gifting plans to build relationships and acquire new clients. The Ruhlin Group’s partnership with Cutco has allowed it to become the No. 1 distributor of Cutco in its 60-year history. John is a sought-after speaker on the topics of C-level selling, relationship development, and strategic gifting, as well as co-author of the best-selling book, “Cutting Edge Sales.”

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