ABM best practice: How Fujitsu hit account-based marketing success | B2B Marketing

Fujitsu’s large-scale ABM operation is one to be envious of. Five years on from implementation, a small marketing team are working with over 100 lucrative accounts located around the world. Andrea Clatworthy, head of ABM at Fujitsu divulges what she’d do differently second time around and offers practical advice for those yet to face the realities of the journey.

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  • Fujitsu’s intense ABM training:

    how the entire company culture turned to the ABM mindset in a matter of days, and the critical lessons learned from this approach.

  • Prioritising ABM:

    how the marketing team eradicated lead generation for a year and the implications this had.

  • Rudimentary metrics:

    the ‘three Rs’ that helped a team of seven marketers generate 60% of the influenced pipeline.

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