BEST PRACTICE: Sound reasoning: optimising your business with sound | B2B Marketing

Research has shown that effective communication involves 50 per cent visual elements and 50 per cent aural elements. Yet our own research shows that less than five per cent of companies correctly optimise their marketing communications activity for effective use of voice, music and other sounds.

The aural side – particularly speech – can be critical to good client relations in a B2B context, since audio (in the form of podcasts, for example) conveys much more effectively the status-sensitive, professional-to-professional nuances that text and graphics have difficulty in signalling. That is, if you get it right of course!

Before achieving best practice audio standards, it’s important to be aware of your company’s existing audio environment. Sound Strategies usually asks a sampling of personnel across a company to conduct a personal ‘sonic audit’ of their day-to-day soundscape. That means simply being aware of sound in all its operational contexts and – crucially – thinking carefully about its presence.

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