BRANDING NEWS: Overture brand absorbed into Yahoo | B2B Marketing

Yahoo has formally rebranded its business-facing European search marketing service subsidiary Overture Services as Yahoo Search Marketing, in Europe.

The identity change took place at the end of February, and is being communicated by an on and offline advertising campaign across the continent during the early spring. It follows a similar rebrand of Overture in the US last year, and marks the final disappearance of a brand that was acquired in autumn 2003.

The rationale for consolidation of services under the Yahoo brand is believed to be in order to maximise opportunities in the rapidly growing world of search marketing. It also enables Yahoo to compete more effectively with Google, who’s search engine front-end has always carried the same brand as the advertiser-focused operation.

Steven Taylor, regional vice president and MD of Yahoo Search and Yahoo Search Marketing Europe, comments, ìunifying our offerings reflects our ongoing commitment to integrate and simplify online advertising. With access to the largest set of search marketing and brand advertising solutions on the web, we will offer businesses the opportunity to take advantage of a wider range of solutions.”


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