BRANDING NEWS: WD-40 launches fragrance | B2B Marketing

WD-40 claims to have expanded its product range to include a new aftershave after being inundated with requests from male, and female, users who love the smell.

The global brand has launched the new product to ensure its products are not only in every shed, garage and toolbox, but now in the bedroom’.

Despite being new to the fragrance market WD-40 is confident of its success. A spokesman said, “This is a market we’ve long considered launching a product in.

“The aftershave will reflect the typical WD-40 consumer; being tough, sensitive and relevant for a variety of occasions.

“It will be available in the famous blue and yellow can, and, like our standard multi-purpose product, with the new smart straw option for those who require a more precise spray.”

WD-40 is also hoping to launch a deodorant on the back of the fragrance’s success next year.

We haven’t sampled the fragrance yet, but there’s a distinct smell of rat in the air…

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