Customer satisfaction a higher priority in marketing strategy than branding or innovation

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are the focus of more companies’ marketing strategies than branding, innovation or any other tactic.

Some 57% of businesses globally are focusing on customer loyalty over anything else, according to research agency 

B2B International

. 37% of decision makers felt that product development was their main strategy, and 33% reported that branding was their focus.

In the UK,

customer loyalty

ranked second in importance, behind market and customer segmentation. On a global level, Germany placed the most importance on consumer satisfaction with 71% of businesses reporting their focus to be centered around the customer.

B2B’s International’s research was based on 2,000 online survey responses with decision-makers in SMEs and enterprise businesses in six countries.

Meanwhile, B2B International also recently opened an office in Boston, Massachusetts to bring a larger presence in the US, with offices already existing in White Plains and Manhattan in New York, and Chicago.

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