Cyber security company Kaspersky Lab rebrands

Kaspersky Lab – a cyber security company – has rebranded to fit its new brand mission of ‘building a safer world’.

The new brand mission aims to emphasize Kaspersky’s commitment to a transparent future where everyone can reap the opportunities tech has to offer.

As part of the rebrand, the company is dropping ‘Lab’ from its name and will now just be known as



Andrew Winton, VP marketing at Kaspersky said this was a logical step for the brand: “We wanted to simplify our branding in a way that helps to deliver our newly inspired philosophy and mission, while still highlighting our company’s wide range of technologies.”

A new visual identity has also been created. The logo comes from geometric and mathematically exact letter forms in order to represent the top quality of software engineers at the company.

“The basis for our existing logo was developed in 1997 and many things have changed since then,” added Winton. “Previously, we used letters from the Greek alphabet that are just not relevant anymore due to the changes in the breadth and depth of our communications – we need to look to the future and embrace the digital world.”

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