Experiential marketing: Thinking outside the box | B2B Marketing

When Intel was planning the launch of its Centrino product, a wireless Internet connection chip embedded in laptops, it identified business users as a key target audience. It knew that busy executives would appreciate the mobility and ease of wireless Internet connections. The problem it faced was demonstrating to those executives exactly how it would work and just how useful it would be to them. It was a new concept and potential buyers were wary.

So, Intel hired Live, a brand experience agency. Live took Centrino directly to business people at lounges in Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle and Munich airports. While waiting for their flights, executives tested laptops equipped with the Centrino chip. They checked their emails, visited websites and experienced the mobility and ease of a wireless connection. Live also ran a competition to win a laptop and so gathered contact details for more than 30,000 business people.


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