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IBM has claimed the number one ‘thought leadership’ spot on the

White Space Thought Leadership


Companies were ranked on differentiation, appeal, resilience and prompting action, with IBM edging out Deloitte with the highest average total across the four categories.

The tech giant beat the second-placed professional services firm on resilience and prompting action, yet Deloitte scored better than IBM on both differentiation and appeal.

The bi-annual report, compiled by Source Global Research, ranked 24 global consulting firms, with IBM leapfrogging Deloitte to claim the title for the second half of 2015.

The Boston Consulting Group, Capgemini Consulting and Bain made up the rest of the top five thought leaders in the global consulting industry.

Rachel Ainsworth, head of thought leadership strategies and solutions at Source Global Research, commented: “One thing that’s become very evident is that significant, sustained improvement requires significant, sustained effort from each firm and their marketing and content teams. No firm has made a step change in the quality of its thought leadership by accident.

“Change is never easy, but as those firms at the top of our table can testify, high-quality thought leadership can have a big impact on how firms are perceived by their target audience.”

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