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There’s a saying in sales that goes something along the lines of:

telling ain’t selling


We know most


are won not simply by reeling off a list of company achievements, but instead finding out what’s causing your potential customer grief and selling them something that fixes that.

Bit simplistic, but you get the idea.

But you’d be amazed how many companies don’t apply that rule when it comes to the

video content

they make to market themselves.  They just want all the suits on-camera talking for ten minutes about why their stuff’s so amazing.  So we get the CEO, the CTO, Sales Director etc droning on for ten minutes.  At least the location’s exciting to look at. Oh no, hold on, they’ve filmed it in the boardroom.  Look, there’s the big pot plant.

Would you watch it?  No, me neither.

The key point is that’s an unimaginative approach, stuck in the past.  Thirty years ago when video was just coming into reach for companies to use it might have cut it but the world’s moved on.  People now have iPads, YouTube, catch-up TV and tons of social media screaming at them.

You want to make video content that amazes rather than anaesthetises your audience.  So how do you get their attention?  And why wouldn’t you? Especially as

online video is now more effective than TV advertising.

So, here are three tips to make a killer video:

People don’t have any time these days.  So, keep it short.  If we’re talking YouTube and web videos, you’ve got about 10 seconds before they’re thinking of clicking away, so make those first ten seconds count.

Think about what would make your audience sit up and take notice.  What would make you watch?  You don’t have to tell people, you just have to get them interested.  Make it look luxurious, exciting, different, arty or all of those.  Just not grey and corporate.

Why do they need you?  What problem are you solving?  Why would they feel good about buying from you?  They’re all questions a good B2B video should be answering.  They don’t really care about you – they care about themselves.

Stick to those rules and you’ll be getting closer to making content that people will want to watch and

will leave a lasting impression


An impression that could lead to a sale.

:: Matt Smith is Head of Production at

Tech TV

, an award-winning corporate video production company making content for companies in the UK and EMEA.

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