IT decision-makers seen as top tech influencers | B2B Marketing

IT decision-makers serve as an organisation’s primary influence and gatekeeper on technology purchases,

according to a new study from Spiceworks.

The survey by the professional IT network revealed more than 80% of IT decision-makers evaluate and recommend technology solutions, in comparison to fewer than 40% of business decision makers.

In addition, 66% of business decision-makers said they valued feedback from their IT counterparts regarding purchase decisions, while only 44% valued feedback from their own peers.

But despite this level of influence from IT, business decision-makers are still more likely to give final approval for technology funds and purchases.

John Webb, executive director, EMEA at Spiceworks, said: “Although IT professionals don’t always hold the purse strings for technology purchases, it’s clear they’re often the most influential people in the decision-making process.

“B2B marketers must take into consideration their technology category, buyer stage, and product type when deciding where to focus their marketing spend, but their efforts will likely be unsuccessful if they choose to bypass the IT decision-maker.”

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