NEWS: New online golf marketing platform launches | B2B Marketing

Golf events and marketing agency


has launched new online golf marketing platform for businesses,



MATCHBOOK is a global business platform that creates virtual golf communities and competitions for businesses. The platform enables brands to communicate and connect with their customers via their shared interested in golf.

The platform includes leaderboards, calendar functionality and the ability to network via industry or management position.

Luke Parry, director of Milestone, said: “Corporate golf has not always represented a cost effective way to engage your clients. Quite often a business has paid for an event only to find their key customers have been unable to attend and their one chance to connect and network with them around golf has gone for another year.

“What MATCHBOOK does is take away that investment risk. It engages customers on a daily basis through their love and passion for the game of golf. Whether it’s when they are submitting scores to win prizes or connecting with like-minded individuals to play golf and network.”

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