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With the advent of SEO and other online marketing strategies, the benefits of offline marketing, including the effects of promotional products, can often be overlooked. However promotional products can still be a pivotal tool in marketing any business and should definitely be considered as a part of any overall strategy. It is imperative though that promotional product campaigns are carefully planned and executed. Below we have noted some excellent tips to ensure you do just that.

Firstly, it is fundamental to ensure the correct promotional product is chosen. It is commonplace to order traditional items such as pens and keyrings under the assumption that these promotional products have stood the test of time. Whilst this may be true, there is a vast array of promotional merchandise available in today’s market. From

ice scrapers

to USB drives to boomerangs! Research the market, ask for catalogues from your favourite supplier and ask them to recommend a product that will make your company stand out! Ensuring you are distributing unique products that surprise people will do significantly more for your brand and marketing than simply giving away pens and keyrings. In today’s marketplace, there are plenty of economically viable products that are creative enough to wow your customers and showcase your brand. So plan ahead and use the opportunity to find a product that will surprise the end user and make them form the opinion that your brand is different to the rest.

Once you have chosen the ideal product, it’s now time to ensure what you print on the product is doing everything it can to promote your brand. Don’t assume that printing just your company logo and website address will maximise your return. This is your chance to show the creativity of your brand, the reason why your brand is better than your competitors. Use the printing area to showcase a clever pun about your business, display offers that show why your business has the best value or express your unique selling points. Whilst your competitors are giving away products with just their logo, make sure you are giving away products that contain messages convincing people why you are the best business in your industry.

Finally, maximise direct mailing. Whilst direct mailing can be used to target new customers, an effective tactic is to send a promotional product via direct mail to customers who have not ordered from the business over a period of time. Not only is this an effective tool, it will also allow you to measure the success of the promotional products campaign. There are a wide variety of products that are extremely useful for direct mailing. One favourite is the

promotional mouse pad

. Thin, lightweight mouse pads fit very easily into mailing envelopes whilst providing an excellent area to print your logo and branding communication.

Choose an innovative promotional product, maximise the print area with clever promotional branding and take advantage of the power of promotional products in direct mailing. Doing this will maximise your promotional products campaign and benefit your marketing strategy as a whole.

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