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But we do have something in common when it comes to websites: we both want the user to have a great experience. Business 2 Community suggests that B2B websites need to take some pointers from their B2C counterparts, keeping in mind that buyers like to do their homework and check out your site before they contact you and start a conversation with your sales team. Here’s what B2Bs could learn:

Know your audience

Understand the buyers and decision makers at a deeper level by learning “buyer personas”. Your content can then be designed to hit their hot spots and offer solutions to their problems. Provide value and thought leadership for your prospects via whitepapers and case studies, for example.

Design your site with the prospect in mind

Many B2B websites focus on the company and its achievements, rather than thinking about what the customer really wants to see when they land on your site. B2C sites typically offer their products/services on their homepage, addressing how they can solve the customer’s problem. There’s no reason why B2Bs shouldn’t do the same.

Pretty pictures

Let’s face it; B2B websites can often be rather dull and crammed with stock images. B2C sites are usually more engaging and visually appealing. Don’t forget that it’s a human being who is visiting your site; if they like what they see, they’re likely to delve further.


Sometimes it can be hard to find the information you’re looking for on a B2B site. And a confusing and hard-to-work-out website usually means your prospect will look to a competitor.

Don’t forget the CTA

B2Cs love using calls-to-action (CTAs) – from ‘buy now’ to ‘learn more’. Use specific CTAs to lead the prospect through the sales cycle and get them to connect further with your company wherever and however possible.

The human touch

Yes, your customers are likely to be businesspeople – but they’re still human! Don’t make your content overly serious or techy. Because a lot of B2B websites are formal and complex, a personal tone of voice will make you stand out from the crowd.

Ultimately, your B2B website should be a “lead generating machine” rather than an online brochure. At Proctor + Stevenson, we know how integral a good website is to a B2B business, and we’re not too proud to take some tips from B2Cs occasionally, too!

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