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It is no secret that in today’s age and time content is king and possibly the “’new” way to take your marketing online to the next level.


It is no secret that in today’s age and time content is king and possibly the “’new” way to take your marketing online to the next level.

While there are numerous aspects to digital marketing, content marketing has been regarded as the key to promoting your business in a crowded digital market.


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In many ways, content marketing has been proven to be a successful marketing strategy, beyond doubt. However, some of these reasons may enforce your belief in Content Marketing.

1. For Google, Content is King

Google analyses a number of parameters in consideration to its SERP rankings, and Content Marketing features as a considerably important factor in these rankings.

2. For Social Media too, Content is King

Content from your blog or any social media account will increase click through rates and engagement and this in turn, will help boost sales. Remember, having content, which exceeds in quality, always fetches you extra points.

3. For Consumers, Content is King

Creating fresh, quality content on a regular basis is the best way to engage with your customers. A well – run blog is the most effective sales tool.

People who read your blogs are exactly those who you would want to sell your product to.

Content Marketing, by the B2C companies that are targeting consumers directly enjoy a much higher outreach and spread. B2C companies focus on how to get branded products to go viral and reach consumers across different channels to significantly improve the chances of a purchase decision favourable to them.  However, these considerations are not the same for marketing for B2B companies.

Building a strong SEO foundation, creating a cohesive brand and prepping your site with an established look is not all it takes to build a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Ultimately, quality content has the ability to become your best salesperson. Compelling and helpful content for your shoppers will drive your sales for you. Content which is essentially helpful in nature is crucial because unlike the brick and mortar stores, you do not have the opportunity to address your customer’s questions.

An important aspect of a successful content marketing strategy is how you implement it. Given on your company and preference, here are some methods that you could focus and adapt.’

  1. Weaving the user experience through content
  • Get to know customer goals
  • Focus on the organisational advantage
  • Create consistency across all involved
  • Focus on stories that demonstrate the company’s ability to deliver on promises
  • Offer a comprehensive vision for the future

Implementing these will help in building a brand experience framework. Content marketing is a means for supporting and communicating the brand experience.

  1. Empowering your customers by reinforcing their decision to buy.

It is entirely up to you how you inform and reinforce the buying decisions of your customers by providing them with detailed, in-depth product information. Providing relevant content and a virtual feel of the product can go a long a way in this journey. Clear product images with alternate views with additional zoom in and 360 degree views. Product names that have relevant keywords help the customers to identify the product. Crisp and detailed descriptions armed with jargon-free multimedia helps the customer to get a first-hand feel of the product. Unbiased and honest customer reviews as well as critics ratings help the customer to make up their mind.

Every brand is unique in its own sense and has different marketing objectives. Content marketing strategies is especially important for smaller brands with lesser known brand name and products. For this majority of businesses, content can win big business through expanding their outreach, acquiring link power for SEO and regularly engaging with customers.

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