ABX: What is account-based experience, and what do you need to know?

Download this report now to get an introduction to the topic, as well as an explanation as to just how it works. By downloading this report, you’ll get access to:

  • Words of wisdom from Paul Gibson, VP international, Demandbase. Paul recently spoke with David Rowlands, senior editor at B2B Marketing, on the B2B Marketing Podcast, and this section breaks down all of Paul’s key points.
  • The introduction and first chapter of Demandbase’s new ebook, The Clear & Complete Guide to Account-Based Experience (ABX). Here, Jon Miller, CMO of Demandbase (and former CEO and founder of Engagio, as well as former co-founder at Marketo), lays out all of the crucial details.

“Fortunately, there’s another way. We call it account-based experience (ABX). It is a fundamental, customer-centric rethinking of an account-based go-to-market – one that combines the engageability of inbound marketing with the precision and targeting of account-based marketing. ABX enhances every aspect of the buyer experience throughout the B2B lifecycle, and dramatically out performs simplistic ABM and traditional demand gen.” 

Jon Miller, CMO, Demandbase

B2B Marketing report - ABX_ What is account-based experience, and what do you need to know

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