What B2B marketers need to know about social selling

Download your free guide to find out what social selling is, and how marketers can make a success of it

Social selling is terribly misnamed. It actually has very little to do with selling, and everything to do with marketing. And it just won’t work without marketing’s support and involvement. And almost two-thirds of senior marketers believe marketing should own social selling.

This free practical guide will tell you:

  • What social selling is (and isn’t) – and why you need to know about it
  • What marketing needs to do to make it a success
  • How to ensure marketing and sales are on the same page
  • How to engage with sales employees and encourage buy-in
  • The tools marketing can provide to enable social selling
  • What to measure and how to track success
  • Case studies from brands that have made it a success.

Download your copy of this 23-page guide for practical advice on:

  • How to overcome common challenges presented by social selling
  • Avoiding the five common mistakes salespeople make on social media
  • Tips to optimise social media profiles for social selling
  • The three golden rules for social sellers
  • How to combine social selling with account-based marketing (ABM)
What B2B marketers need to know about social selling

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