The 8 moves of B2B – A marketing strategy framework for Manufacturing, Science & Tech companies

With 80% of the B2B sales cycle now happening in digital settings, evolving your strategic planning is more vital than ever

The last 12 months have presented huge challenges for B2B marketers who’ve had to grapple with the effects of the pandemic at the same time as being blinded by choice of marketing platforms and increasingly overwhelmed by data.  

This has completely shifted the communications focus for B2B companies, accelerating the switch to digital and, crucially with it, the ability to trust in a brand. In a landscape of such fast-paced change, using a marketing planning framework that’s been specifically engineered for B2B could make all the difference.

The methods used in putting this planning model together have been rigorously developed over the course of 20 years and more than 200 marketing audit and planning processes for SME manufacturers, industrial, technology and science-based companies, typically with an annual turnover of £10 – 30 million.

The framework contains a number of checklists, templates and tools to simplify the planning process for B2B marketers so that you can concentrate on extracting insight from all the analysis and making your case to C-suite executives on how and where marketing budget should be applied.

Use the 8 moves to:

  • Help quantify the value of marketing to your organisation.
  • Ensure better alignment between sales and marketing.
  • Build trust in your B2B brand digitally.
  • Identify thought leadership angles.
  • Establish a platform from which to create multichannel content.

Download the framework to provide structure, guidance and support on your 2021 B2B marketing planning journey.

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