The martech audit

It’s a tough gig. This guide, a review of the industry’s martech use, is here to help. 

Read on to uncover: 

  • What’s in the typical martech stack
  • How much people are spending on it
  • How satisfied marketers are with their tech
  • How to get the most out of your own martech stack 

The martech audit: Find out what’s in your competitors’ stacks

With the help of our partner, Martech Tracker, we examined the martech stacks of 200 companies in the B2B space. This report covers the most common technologies across the areas below, including what percentage of marketers are using each platform below.

✓ Marketing automation
✓ Event platforms
✓ Content management systems (CMS)
✓ Web analytics
✓ Brand asset management 

The martech customer satisfaction survey

B2B Marketing has surveyed 200 marketers across the industry to assess the level of customer satisfaction in martech, including budget and the main challenges we’re all facing. In this section, you’ll discover:

  • The typical martech budget (and how that’s set to change for the year ahead) 
  • Customer satisfaction for each of the main martech types
  • The main challenges around martech deployment.

The audit framework 

Drawing on advice from numerous senior marketing leaders, we’ve put together a framework for carrying our your own martech audit. Find out the questions you need to ask on the following:

✓ The technologies hidden in your stack (including all those multiple licences)
✓ Whether your tech matches your business objectives
✓ Additional training and support requirements
✓ The unlocked potential your stack holds.

PLUS – you’ll get real-world inspiration:

  • Find out how Criteo cut its martech stack from 27 to eight platforms, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring annual costs. 

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