If content is king, why is it treated like a pauper?

Roundtable invitation:

  • Date: Thursday 15th February 2024
  • Time: 8:45am – 10:30am GMT
  • Location: Chancery Lane, London

In 1996, the phrase ‘content is king’ was coined by Bill Gates. In 2023, the same statement rings true for many B2B marketers, as we compete to gain the love, trust and engagement of our prospects and customers.

However, with so many channels to target these days, creating a cohesive, effective and scalable digital content marketing strategy that demonstrates real return can be borderline impossible. This is made 10 times harder when you consider the increasing number of buyers in a decision-making unit, and the fact that the content we create should ideally match the different stages of the buyer journey. With so much content to handle, the management of all the images, videos and other digital assets at your disposal can quickly evolve in a 4D Rubiks Cube if we’re not careful.

With that in mind, B2B Marketing are hosting this roundtable to discuss the challenges senior marketing leaders face when it comes to creating and managing their content. This roundtable is your opportunity to:

  • Understand the challenges and barriers that your peers face in B2B content creation, marketing and scaling.
  • Based on these challenges, understand where you may be able to make your content work better.
  • Learn which solutions your peers have found, and share your own nuggets of content wisdom.

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David Rowlands

Head of Content, B2B Marketing

Having learnt my trade as the Editor of a print magazine for the liquefied natural gas industry, I moved to B2B Marketing in 2020, gradually making my way to Head of Content. In addition to the classic writing and editing you might expect from someone in my position, I am also a host, having chaired webinars with agencies and vendors, roundtables with leading c-suite B2B marketers, The B2B Marketing Podcast, and even the digital versions of our various conferences in the UK and US.


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