If content is king, why is it treated like a pauper?

Roundtable invitation:

  • Date: Wednesday 6th March 2024
  • Time: 8:45am – 10:30am GMT
  • Location: Chancery Lane, London

74% of marketing of creative professionals anticipate a surge in content production in 2024. But what does this mean for the planning, creation, and distribution of new campaign assets?

Despite video, images and other media content playing a starring role in campaigns those valuable assets that took hours of planning, creativity, and collaboration to produce are often underutilised, hard to manage – not treated like a King.

Recognising the substantial investment that goes into creating new digital assets, operational challenges that lead to missed deadlines, lost assets, or outdated, off-brand or un-approved content use should be remedied. But how are creative and marketing teams handling that challenge

With that in mind, B2B Marketing is hosting a roundtable to discuss the challenges senior creative, brand and marketing leaders face when it comes to optimising creative content workflows. This is your opportunity to:

  • Understand the barriers to effective content production and deployment.
  • Discuss the operational challenges arising from increased demand for visual assets and scaling up production.
  • Explore which AI tools are helping and which AI tools are creating new problems to solve with peers
  • Share your own nuggets of brand asset management wisdom.

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Hosted by: 

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David Rowlands

Head of Content, B2B Marketing

Having learnt my trade as the Editor of a print magazine for the liquefied natural gas industry, I moved to B2B Marketing in 2020, gradually making my way to Head of Content. In addition to the classic writing and editing you might expect from someone in my position, I am also a host, having chaired webinars with agencies and vendors, roundtables with leading c-suite B2B marketers, The B2B Marketing Podcast, and even the digital versions of our various conferences in the UK and US.


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