The world of influencer marketing in B2B with Ogilvy’s Rahul Titus

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Influencer marketing can be a foreign concept in the world of B2B. In this week’s episode of The B2B Marketing Podcast, Head of Content David Rowlands sat down with Global Head of Influence at Ogilvy, Rahul Titus to discuss how B2B brands are utilising influencer marketing from a business to human perspective.

They talk about the potential challenges of working with influencers, from finding the right people to represent your brand to checking their social media background and the risk factors that come into play. Rahul also suggests using employee advocacy to your advantage but in the right way; after all – who better to talk about your brand than the people working for your brand? Stay tuned and find out how to measure influencer marketing, what KPIs to set and much more.

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