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2023 Propolis Community Sprint Report

Learn how to make ABM central to your B2B marketing strategies and more of our findings from the latest Propolis Community Sprint.

The challenge, the opportunity, and the “how-to”. The 2023 Propolis Community Sprint report examines the findings from the latest Propolis Community Sprint that happened in October 2023.

A Community Sprint is a Propolis event where the Propolis community comes together to identify challenges in a specific area of marketing, such as sales enablement or ABM. The process begins with a Propolis Expert using the ‘Ask a Question’ feature to understand the issues members are facing. Members then contribute their thoughts on the matter, sharing problems related to, for example, ABM. Once we grasp the challenges members are encountering, we invite those who have found solutions, such as Award winners, Propolis Experts, or third-party specialists, to participate in interviews or panels to share their expertise. Following each Community Sprint, the relevant Propolis Expert creates Practical Guidance, including technical models and step-by-step guides, to help all Propolis members succeed, regardless of their participation in a Swarm. The Propolis content team then compiles a report summarizing the Sprint’s findings, which includes insights from a survey conducted during the event, offering both quantitative and qualitative insights. Finally, we present the Community Sprint findings and corresponding survey results at the relevant event.

Within this year’s report you will find information on:

  • If ABM is the go-to-market central nervous system
  • The importance of utilizing the right context
  • What challenges marketers are facing in making ABM central to their marketing strategies
  • How to make ABM central to your B2B marketing strategies
  • The full-stack model: The Propolis approach to an ABM-centred strategy
  • How culture has changed the ABM outlook
  • How well structured are marketing teams to accurately deliver an ABM strategy


These reports examine current best practices based on the latest insight from global marketing leaders. This report features key highlights from the full version that is exclusively available to Propolis members.

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