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The 2023 Propolis Leaders Forum Report

Produced by David Rowlands, Head of Content

Is this the year of the great marketing team ‘reset’?

In case you’ve been living under an AI-generated rock, the past three years have seen:

  • The great AI awakening, with the entire planet talking about the opportunity this technology can provide.
  • A revolution in working behavior, as office workers the world over switch their WeWork office spaces for the comfort of their kitchen tables.
  • A challenging economy, which, much like my 2011 Ford Fiesta, never quite breaks down (touch wood), but also struggles to get out of third gear.


At the same time, pretty much every single marketer I’ve spoken to on The B2B Marketing Podcast for the past two years has talked about the high workloads and the sheer volume of ‘stuff’ that needs doing. Could that be down to B2B marketers being expected to wear an increasing number of hats, or is it down to a struggling market forcing marketers to work harder and harder for their businesses? Well, it depends on who you ask, but one thing that the Leaders Forum has revealed is the possible need for a ‘reset’.

Download the report to learn more about what was discussed at the most recent Propolis leaders forum. 

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