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and we'll donate £500 to a charity of your choosing

Here is how easy it is

Grow your Propolis community

Simply complete the form on the right with the details of a colleague, professional contact, or friend who you think would benefit from joining you in the Propolis community.

Your referral must be a B2B client-side marketer and not currently a Propolis member to qualify for this referral offer.

Our dedicated referral team

Off the back of your referral, the Propolis inside sales team will reach out to the individual with a curated experience to get them involved with the community. 

Our team may use your name in communications to your referrals, by submitting the form we will assume you are alright with this. 

You can read the full T&Cs here. 

While you wait

We know the sales process can take some time for your referral. 

While you wait for them to finalise their decision we can use your help with sharing relevant propolis materials like: 

Receive your Amazon voucher

Upon a successful referral*, our customer success team will reach out directly to you to send over your Amazon voucher and to gather more information about what charity you would like to donate too. 

*A successful referral refers to a sale that has been completed and your specific referral and their team have joined Propolis.

Fill out the form below to start your Propolis referral.

I accept the terms and conditions and consent to my information being used for this referral purpose only.

*Amazon voucher and event ticket offerings are limited to 1 each per member. If you have any further questions or concerns please refer to our  Terms and Conditions. 

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