Nimble, informed and precise: Writing a new data-driven playbook as an ABM Marketer in 2024. 

Roundtable invitation:

  • Date: Wednesday 20th March 2024.
  • Time: 8:45am – 10:30am GMT.
  • Location: Chancery Lane, London.

New research from MOI Global shows that while ABM marketers have a stack of tools at their disposal, only a small percentage of them are using those tools to spot revenue growth opportunities and inform their target account lists. What’s more, marketers in the biggest enterprises spend more time updating CRM records and maintaining workflows than they do assisting in lead generation, personalising content for accounts, or delivering useful intelligence to Sales. 

The research shows that there’s an opportunity for challenger brands, less encumbered by enterprise complexity, to run rings around market incumbents in the ABM sphere, despite smaller budgets and lighter tool stacks. 

This roundtable event brings together some of the UK and Europe’s most senior B2B marketing leaders to discuss how to run more dynamic and proactive ABM with a different playbook to your wider marketing strategy. And, how you can leverage creative data practices to turn you into a revenue-spotting hero, enhance Sales alignment, and deploy more nimble responses to account opportunities. 

This roundtable is a must for any B2B marketing leader looking to: 

  • Learn how mature businesses are making data-driven ABM central to their overall strategy, and what sort of results they’re delivering.
  • Get practical tips on how to use data to spot revenue opportunities and run ‘precision plays’ for cost-effective results.
  • Share your biggest challenges and frustrations when instilling the best data practices into your business’ account-based strategy, and learn how your peers overcame these challenges. 

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David Rowlands

Head of Content, B2B Marketing

Having learnt my trade as the Editor of a print magazine for the liquefied natural gas industry, I moved to B2B Marketing in 2020, gradually making my way to Head of Content. In addition to the classic writing and editing you might expect from someone in my position, I am also a host, having chaired webinars with agencies and vendors, roundtables with leading c-suite B2B marketers, The B2B Marketing Podcast, and even the digital versions of our various conferences in the UK and US.


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