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The biggest B2B marketing awards in Europe is around the corner, meaning it’s time to get out your glad rags. We spoke to the preliminary judges (the only people to have seen this year’s entries) and some of last year’s attendees to find out why they believe the B2B Marketing Awards evening is such a hot ticket.

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1. Go team: the perfect staff motivator

The B2B Marketing Awards have now been running for 13 years and have built up a credible reputation in the B2B world. If you’ve been lucky enough to be shortlisted, this is a great opportunity for staff to receive credit for their work. But, this isn’t just an event for those up for nomination, treating your employees to a high-profile industry event can boost their feeling of value in the team.

“I’ve attended a number of award ceremonies in the industries I’ve worked in, as well as a few ‘pure’ marketing and PR awards,” says Dan Roche, head of marketing at KMPG and preliminary judge.

“I’ve found that the worst can bring out an existential crisis, which only darkly, despairingly deepens as the night progresses. But the best can elevate the spirit to places otherwise unattainable in a business environment.

“The best awards have a sharp, edgy theme. They have guests that want to be there and that make a real effort. And they have prestigious awards that are really hard to win. And the B2B Marketing Awards is all of that. That’s why attending is really worth it. And it’s why winning an award on the night is simply a shining beacon of glory for you and your team.”

5 reasons why you should attend the B2B Marketing Awards

2. Let B2B entertain you

We realise it’s a work night in the world of B2B, but the event promises to be a far cry from the daily toil of office life. B2B Marketing has pulled out all the stops for a mystical beast evening with prime entertainment from comedian Russell Kane. Taking the opportunity to attend social events can be an ideal way to get to know colleagues and strengthen your team.

“The B2B Marketing Awards evening is a chance to celebrate all that’s great in B2B marketing with the people who made it happen,” explains Alex Brayshaw, managing partner at OglivyOne.

3. Pile in the food and drink

Events are always better when food and drink are on offer. Fear not, this is far from a limp buffet; a three-course meal will be served. It’s a risky move, but there’ll also be unlimited wine and beer throughout the ceremony, so a merry and celebratory time is guaranteed.

“The awards night is all about celebrating success – great team work, exciting client partnerships and (hopefully) award wins!” says Sam Williams-Thomas, CEO at OglivyOne.

5 reasons why you should attend the B2B Marketing Awards

4. Check out the competition

Even if you don’t end up winning or haven’t even entered, this is your opportunity to seek out what your competitors are doing, all in one place. Events solely for the B2B industry can give an accurate benchmark as to where your company is and how you can grow above your rivals.

“What struck me about the entries was the quality of the proposals and the depth and breadth of the brand initiatives,” says Rob Gorby, senior director of product marketing at SDL and a preliminary judge. “For those who want to get some insight into best practice and some inspiring ideas, it’s really worth attending the marketing awards. It will make you re-evaluate what you’re doing and leave you with some practical insights into how to reinvigorate your brand and your marketing activity.”

5. Network to your heart’s content

There will be a sea of B2B marketing professionals ready and waiting and eager to connect. You’re bound to walk away from this event with great contacts who are at the top of their game and specialising in exactly the right B2B fields you need.

Simon Rusling, partner and head of marketing at Barnett Waddingham and preliminary judge, says: “The Awards are a great opportunity for you to see the best that the B2B world has to offer – those agencies and companies that are really creating those special campaigns that stand out from all the rest.”

B2B Marketing Awards 2017

The B2B Marketing Awards takes place on 23 November, celebrating outstanding work, talent and achievements across the B2B marketing industry. Join us, along with more than 800 guests, for the biggest B2B night of the year.

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