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According to some findings of

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, more than 70% of both small and large companies prefer hiring B2B writers for content creation, and many reasons of such a strategy can be found:

Lack of funds:

if you are limited in funds it will be difficult to have a good staff B2B writer while freelancers are able to do the same job for a lower price.

  • Lack of competencies:

    if you are limited in funds you may try to write top-notch B2B content yourself; but a good marketer does not mean a good writer, so they have to hire professional writers to succeed here;

  • Time management:

    the in-house team of your company may have no time to write effective content for your B2B marketing projects, being busy with many other tasks to complete in time.

And now, when you understand the importance of having a good B2B writer and necessity of their hiring, a very actual and logical question appears:

How to Find and Choose a Good B2B Writer

Here several tips come for you to keep in mind when choosing and hiring good B2B writers. Key points to consider include:

  • Check different resources when looking for a B2B writer who will meet your expectations (see the list below).

  • Always check their writing samples carefully to understand whether their knowledge, writing skills and style meet your needs.

  • Give them


    instructions, letting a writer know about your content marketing goals: target audience, a kind of content you are looking to create, SEO expectations, people a writer will need to interact with – all this information helps your candidate understand whether they are good for this job.

  • Make sure your writer understands B2B content: check if they understand your marketing message and if they have experience with B2B. Sure, a talented copywriter can deal with any kind of content, but make sure they understand how B2B marketing works. It will save your time and help you hire a professional with more specific knowledge than B2C content only.

  • Build relationship, not just the cheapest deal. Yes, you keep your budget in mind, but it does not mean that you should hire the cheapest copywriter at the market. Some of them are ready to help you for low prices, but you can’t expect the highest quality content from them; so, choose a B2B writer you can trust and have a good feeling about.

Keeping all above mentioned points in mind, you decide to hire a good B2B writer for your marketing projects. But where can you find them actually?

Where to Hire B2B Writers for Your Business

The Internet era makes the searches of different services quicker and easier. Check the short list of trustful resources every B2B marketer can use to hire professional writers for their businesses.


    – post a project and let professional freelance writers find you. You can create writing contests here and pay to a winner for their results only. This is a good resource to choose the best writers among others.


    – a resource where you can find many tools for your brand publishing (stories creation, photo, pictures, videos, infographics, etc.). Reach professional writers, contact them directly or create your project with all details and let a writer find you.


    – a resource where you can hire a professional B2B writer by posting your B2B project and clarifying all the details and prices beforehand. Freelancers will find and contact you themselves, letting you check their skills and check the best writer for your business.


    – one of the largest online resources where you can hire good B2B writers and other professionals, check their portfolios and manage them.


    – resource that provides you with the option to chat with each writer directly and discuss your needs and expectations, evaluate their skills and get top-notch content for a reasonable price.


    —a resource where you can post your B2B project and make freelance writers find you, or search and check freelancers’ profiles and contact them directly to hire them for writing professional B2B texts for you.


    —a content marketplace where you can find professional writers at record speed: browse their profiles and view samples to pick the best ones for your B2B projects. Contact a writer via InMail service to ask all questions and clarify your goals.


    – one of the best resources to hire experienced writers who have skills in blogging, guest posting and sharing other types of content. Post your project with as much details as you can, and your professional will find you.


    – a resource that will match your project with the most appropriate writers automatically. Plus, it lets you find specialists who can help your business with SMM: hire them to get video scripts, Facebook or Twitter posts, etc.


    – a resource to hire real experts for your B2B projects. You create a project, compare and select writers, manage the process of content creation and approve their work before payment. This platform is free for you to use.

A good writer who specializes in B2B can help your marketing projects a lot. Content is still a king, and your business will have to do nothing but succeed if you hire a right professional to help you here.

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