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B2B companies work hard at cultivating relationships and bolstering a professional image. A website in particular is one element of your brand that potential buyers and clients will be able to peruse and evaluate at their leisure. Person-to-person discussions and human contact in general provides plenty of opportunities for misunderstandings to be clarified, but a website does not negotiate nor defend. In short, your websites gets one chance to make a good impression: what will it say on your behalf? When designing or redesigning a B2B website, various elements and approaches must be considered. Below, we’ll talk about five must dos when designing a B2B website that is focused on getting better leads and pleasing your customers.

Consult With Customers

If your B2B company already has a website and this is a redesign project, then consulting with them on what the new website should offer is crucial. By understanding whether or not the various business problems customers encounter are being solved via your site, your new design can be constructed to ensure their needs are being addressed. Whether

you offer website design services in Las Vegas

or boat repair in Cleveland, a website should reflect the needs and desires of its customer base.

Understand the Purchasing Process

Before you can create a dynamic B2B website that satisfies your customers, you must first determine how exactly those purchases are made. If a business is to make the sale to a customer in the most effective method, then a website must be built around

how a customer makes that decision

. From timing promotions to proper placement of shopping cart solutions on-page, SEO companies in Las Vegas, New York and San Francisco all understand their clients needs this: do you?

Establish the Primary Function

All too many B2B companies throw together a site without truly understanding its primary purpose. Is the role of your website to provide online purchasing solutions, direct customers to a sales rep, or provide personal information? In almost every situation, there should be one specific outcome or conversion achieved through a B2B company’s call to action; know this before building!

Audit the Existing Site

Any internet marketing company in Las Vegas, Atlanta or Washington DC understands that an audit of potentially pre-existing content is essential when creating a new design. Which forms of content do users enjoy, and which do they avoid? By

assessing your top-performing pages

– including landing pages – a better idea will emerge of which pages to carry over and which content marketing strategies are worth preserving.

Articulate the Site Flow

Before the site is complete, it is vital that site user flow charts be constructed. This will provide the business with an idea of how well its current design functions, whether there are any gaps or redundancies, and how close the site flow comes to matching user behaviour. By emulating the mindset of the customer, you maximize the potential for conversions and purchases.

Making It Happen

By laying out the site flow, auditing any existing content for performance metrics, giving the site a primary function, inspecting the purchasing processes of your customers and consulting with them prior, your B2B company will be able to lay the foundation for a truly successful website design or redesign that satisfies both your brand and those who rely on you. 

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