PROFILE: Andy Barret – Director of marketing, DHL | B2B Marketing

Five years ago Andy Barrett’s job did not exist. Nor did DHL Global Mail – the company he works for. Today it is one of 15 postal operators vying for a piece of the £6.5 billion postal market – a market that Royal Mail had a complete monopoly over for 350 years.

Postcomm, the regulator, opened up the market for full competition on 1 January 2006 thus allowing licensed operators to collect and deliver mail from single letters to bulk mailings. In other words do what Royal Mail does, though they would argue better and cheaper.

Barrett took up his position of marketing director in January 2003 – three years exactly before the market was fully deregulated. The first year was shrouded in ambiguity, “During 2003 there was a lot of uncertainty about how the market would open up. Royal Mail was saying that deregulation would destroy it.”

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