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93% of marketers

use social media for business, as building a social community can potentially lead to customers, but it is the data collected from the community that is invaluable. Once you have begun to create an online following, data collected from your social media channels can tell you when followers are active, what they engage with, interests they have, their age, location and so much more. This data allows you to initiate conversations with the right people at the right time, on a topic that is on trend and of interest to your audience.

In order to enhance your social reach and engagement levels, check out the following tools…

Tools of the trade:


allows you to find people to connect with in a variety of ways. It also gives you the ability to analyse when your followers are more active, so you can send tweets in prime time, maximising their potential. For more information, check out Peter Bray’s article



Twitter Analytics

is perfect for measuring and monitoring engagement, so you can replicate your success, digging deep in to each tweet you send out. You can also pull of reports.

allows you to find and analyse trends relating to your niche, so you can share and comment first to make yourself known. It’ll hopefully get you some followers too!

Twitter Ads

give businesses the ability to advertise to key influencers and buyers using targeted data


, a social automation tool enables businesses to schedule posts, for a continual online presence. Using data collected you can send on trend tweets at the time where your followers are most active.

Even with all the tools of the trade, it can still prove to be a futile task if you don’t regularly engage. The aim of this is to become an influencer. Building a community based around your brand will increase trust, brand awareness, sales and respect from others within the same niche market.

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