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Year-round events dedicated to informing, inspiring and connecting B2B marketers.

Propolis Leaders Roundtable

Growth Marketing

‘Growth’ has become an increasingly common term in the job titles of B2B marketing leaders…

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If content is king, why is it treated like a pauper?

Discuss the challenges senior marketing leaders face when creating and managing their content.

Understand the challenges and barriers that your peers face in B2B content creation, marketing, and scaling. Based on these challenges, understand where you may be able to make your content work better.


Harness the evolution of technology to drive marketing performance

Learn how to use tech and AI to leverage powerful data insights, enable effective collaboration, exploit the latest digital routes to market, and ultimately drive growth.

B2B Ignite

Inspiration, innovation and intelligence for marketing-fuelled growth

Get inspired by the very latest innovation and intelligence from experts who are forging the way ahead in B2B, and be empowered to use marketing to fuel business growth.

Inside the B2B Tech Sector: How Marketing Leaders are Boosting Performance

Revealing the latest data on the technology and software space in B2B marketing.

Let’s face it – the tech sector is constantly evolving from customer growth expectations to tech stack investments and much more. Our Propolis Community Index indicates that marketing…

Nimble, informed and precise: Writing a new data-driven playbook as an ABM Marketer in 2024.

Learn how you can leverage creative data practices to turn you into a revenue-spotting hero, enhance Sales alignment, and deploy more nimble responses to account opportunities.

This roundtable event brings together some of the UK and Europe’s most senior B2B marketing leaders to discuss how to run more dynamic and proactive ABM with a different playbook to your wider marketing strategy.

Elevation Awards

Celebrating the best in B2B marketing from across the US

The Elevation Awards celebrate excellence in US B2B marketing. They recognize those who are setting new standards, raising the bar, and showing the world that B2B marketing can be just as – if not more – creative and innovative than B2C.

Propolis Leaders Forum 2023 logo

Propolis Leaders Forum

Dive into Propolis's global community of CMOs and senior marketing leaders

Uniting Propolis’s worldwide network of CMOs and senior marketing executives to exchange insights, foster idea-sharing, and engage in discussions on effectively navigating the evolving challenges facing today’s teams.

The Global ABM Conference

Unlocking ABM-powered growth

The event where marketers meet and connect to get the ultimate inside track on ABM-powered growth. Take your account based marketing to new heights with a case study rich agenda delivered by the industry’s top experts.

B2B Marketing Awards

Are you an industry high flier?

The B2B Marketing Awards are internationally recognised as the gold standard for excellence in creativity and commercial effectiveness in B2B. Entries for the 2024 awards are set to open in April, with the ceremony taking place on 27 November 2024 in London.

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