Learn about the trials and tribulations of using generative AI tools to write B2B copy with B2B copywriting expert David McGuire.

Looking to upskill your B2B Copywriting?

Learn directly from David at his next B2B Copywriting session:

  • February 14-15 2024,
  • 2pm – 5pm GMT / 9am-12pm EST.

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We offer a wide range of B2B courses that’ll allow you and your team to become fully competent in all aspects of B2B marketing, this includes:

  • Account-based marketing
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  • Emerging Marketing Leaders Training
  • And much more…

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Ignite London: The biggest networking event for B2B Marketers

The above session was a feature session at Ignite London 2023.

Ignite London brings the entire B2B Marketing industry together, to learn from big-picture debates and hands-on, small group sessions that will give you the fresh, creative thinking and practical knowledge to drive greater results across every element of your marketing strategy. 

Ignite London returns in June 2024. Register your interest via the button below to receive latest event updates and be notified when the 2024 date and tickets are released.

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